National Electricity Market (NEM) Model

Reliable and Affordable Electric Power Generation Booklet

This report is based on modelling undertaken with the EPC NEM generation mix model. Download a copy of the 4 page “Reliable and Affordable Electric Power Generation” booklet here:  Booklet

Contributing Authors:

Dr Robert Barr AM BE(Hons) ME PhD FIE(Aust) CPEng , Director Electric Power Consulting Pty Ltd

Barry Murphy   BScApp, BE(Chem) CSci MBA  FIChemE FTSE FAICD, Former Chairman & CEO Caltex Australia

Dr Mark Ho   PhD, President Australian Nuclear Association

Martin H Thomas AM FTSE HonFIEAust HonFAIE

Barrie Hill BE MiMechE MIPENZ FIE(Aust), Managing Director SMR Nuclear Technology Pty Ltd

About the Electric Power Consulting (EPC)  National Electricity Market (NEM) Model

How does the EPC NEM Model Work?

Model Assumptions Include

Cost Assumptions

Some examples of Model runs

Base Case 1 ‐ Existing NEM approximation – Case 1
Case 2 – Replace Brown Coal Generation with Nuclear (3,889MW) – Case 2
Case 3 – Replace all Coal Generation with Nuclear (18,889MW) – Case 3
Case 4 – AEMO Neutral case Fig. 9 – 2040 approximation – ISP 2018 – Case 4
Case 5 – Replace all Coal Generation with Combined Cycle Gas (CCGT) – Case 5
Case 6 – 100% Renewables with Solar PV, Wind and Hydro – supported by Pumped Hydro – Case 6


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